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Quick Answers

  • I have a question about how to order your product.
    • There are three methods of payment available:

    • You can pay online using a credit card. To do this, simply follow the link to the official purchasing page on the website here.
    • You can fax your payment. To do this, simply print out the provided order form.
    • You can mail your payment. To do this, simply send the cheque or cash along with the mail order form.
  • I have a question about your product and would like some info.
    • Of course, it is very important to make an informed decision when making a purchase that could affect your health. Unfortunately, there are many conflicting sources of information about natural male enhancement supplements. For clarity, the official product website has all of the pertinent information. Any questions about health and safety, effectiveness, and dosage can be answered on the website.
  • I want to know the status of an order I have already placed.
    • The simplest way to find the status of a placed order is by using the tracking number provided upon purchase. These numbers can also be found at httpss:// It is important to remember, however, that orders to PO boxes do not receive tracking numbers.
  • I am not happy with this product and want a refund.
    • In the rare instance that a customer is unsatisfied with the product, they can receive a full refund as long as the containers are returned within 67 days of delivery. To receive the refund, simply include your full name and order number on the return package. Send empty containers and unused product to:

      Leading Edge Health
       c/o 100 Fidelitone Way
       Elizabethton TN 37643
       United States of America

      Please be sure to include your full name and order number on the returned package.
  • I need to update my shipping address information.
    • If your order has not yet been shipped, you can simply input the alternate delivery address into the contact form. If, however, the order has been shipped, the process is slightly different. In these cases, the recipient must reroute the delivery. Otherwise, you can contact the courier to have the address changed.
  • I wish to cancel my order.
    • Orders can be cancelled through the contact form. Simply include the order number, time, and date of purchase on the form. This will ensure the fastest and most efficient customer service experience.
  • I received SPAM which appears to be promoting your product.
    • Leading Edge Health takes spam very seriously and never sends out such messages. In order to prevent this issue in the future, please send in a copy of the email that you received by This will help the company stop such emails from being sent out in the future.
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