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male enhancement products

Male sexual health is an issue that has only recently begun to be widely understood. In the past, male enhancement was a taboo subject that very few, even in the medical profession, were willing to openly discuss. As a result, many men were forced to live with unsatisfactory sex lives because of factors like erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and poor orgasm quality. Aside from the physical issues, this also led to many individuals suffering stress and embarrassment in silence.

Luckily, modern science has brought this issue into the mainstream. As a natural consequence, there are far more treatment options available for those seeking male enhancement. Although this is a great improvement over the limited treatment of the past, it can be difficult to know which option to pursue. The solutions vary wildly in their goals, methods, and drawbacks. Many feature cutting edge science, while some can be traced back to ancient times. Ultimately, the best all-around male enhancement treatment will be able to address the many individual issues that combine to produce sexual dissatisfaction for men, such as poor erection quality, low sex drive, and premature ejaculation.

Not all remedies are suitable for all individuals. Each particular treatment option comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. As such, here is an overview of today's most common treatment options to help you decide which is best for you.

Option 1: Surgery

Having one's penis enlarged through a surgical procedure is one of the most common and attractive enhancement options available today. Thanks to modern science, the surgical procedure has become safer and the recovery faster. However, many men have pursued this path simply because it offers nearly guaranteed results.

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Through surgery, it is almost certain that the penis can be enlarged. Average results tend to be a one-inch increase in length. In addition, most doctors recommend following an exercise program afterwards to assist the penis in healing properly and ensuring full functionality.

Unfortunately, there are many issues with using surgery as a means for male enhancement. While the surgery has become increasingly safe, there are still risks to be taken into consideration. As such, men should think carefully before deciding on this option.

Most importantly, having surgery to enlarge the penis can leave it numb or with partial loss of sensation. This can be a devastating side effect, as naturally without sensation there can be little sexual satisfaction. In fact, many men have reported a loss of happiness with the results of this surgery. Further, this surgery can be highly expensive and risky. Only those who are willing to invest a great deal of money into the surgery and time into the recovery, and are willing to accept the risks, should pursue this option.

Option 2: Exercises and Devices

Another method of male enhancement that has seen a marked upswing in popularity in recent years is the use of exercises and devices. This is a method that has seen remarkable success in tests and trials. The results of using such devices and exercise programs can be visibly impressive.

However, just as with surgery, there are certain drawbacks to pursuing this option. While not as invasive, some may feel that the drawbacks are actually greater than with surgery. However, as stated above, the effectiveness of the remedy truly depends on the individual.

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With this option, the primary drawback is the large commitment of time and effort required to see any results. Men who hope to enlarge their penises through devices and exercise will only get the results they desire after using the device each day for months. As such, this is not an option for those with a busy schedule or a lacking work ethic.

As well, there are physical risks to consider. Especially if the use of the device and the exercise program is unsupervised, there is a significant chance of bruising, tearing, or otherwise damaging the penis. Unless the user follows specific directions from an industry expert, this can be a dangerous method.

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Option 3: Medication

One of the most popular and trusted methods for achieving male enhancement today is through prescription medication. This is the method that has likely benefitted the most from modern scientific advancements. It can be a highly effective way for men with erectile dysfunction to experience stronger and longer lasting erections.

However, this is important to keep in mind: these medications are usually specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction. This means that their only use is to help men achieve and hold erections. Issues like poor orgasm frequency and low sex drive will not be addressed by this method.

The real drawback with prescription medication, however, is that they often come with significant side effects. Many of these medications come with a long list of side effects ranging from mildly annoying to fatal. These include headaches, painful erections, and even heart attacks. As such, while these medications can be tremendously effective, they are limited and can present problematic side effects.

Option 4: Natural Supplements

The final option is the use of natural supplements to aid the body in addressing the many issues connected to male sexual health. This method has been used with great success for hundreds of years, and has seen a recent rise in popularity thanks to contributions from modern science. Many feel that it is the best possible solution available today.

The use of natural supplements is a method which combines all the benefits of surgery, exercises, devices, and medication. However, it does this without drawbacks like physically damaging the penis, taking a great deal of time, and having devastating side effects. In essence, natural male enhancement supplements offer all the benefits without any of the drawbacks.

This treatment option is also highly sought after because it addresses much more than just the erection. It is also used to boost virility, increase sex drive, and improve orgasm quality. As such, it is a truly holistic method of male enhancement. The herbs included in the best natural supplements are scientifically proven to provide these benefits as well as increase blood flow and circulation.

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However, it is important to note that not all natural supplements are effective. Only VigRX+ has been scientifically proven to work using clinical human trials. In these trials, it was shown that using this product can increase sexual satisfaction by 60%. It has been proven to increase erection quality and maintenance by increasing both sexual drive and blood flow. By increasing blood flow to the chambers of the penis, thicker and visibly larger erections can be achieved.

Therefore, it seems clear that to maximize benefits while minimizing drawbacks, natural supplements are the best method. However, as VigRX Plus is the only male enhancement supplement to back its claims with clinical human trials, it is important to note that this product is the best of the best.

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