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Penis Growth

Penis growth is something that many guys have become curious about for many years. Similar to most of the other parts of your body, a man's penis will go through a number of different physical changes throughout life. Many men become interested in achieving growth as they get older. Penis growth pills, pumps, devices and topical lotions now offer men a way to naturally add size to the length and girth of their penises. Before such treatments as penis growth pills and pumps were designed, many men chose to achieve penis enlargement through penis exercises and hanging weights from the gland.

Penis growth

The development of penis growth occurs throughout a man's younger years. Prior to the age of 10, the normal size of a penis is thought to be about 2 inches, when flaccid. Then between the ages of 10 to 20, penis growth continues to develop and usually doubles in this period of time. Growth sometimes continues to develop in the 20s, and will usually stop around the age of 20.

Penile shrinkage

A shrinking of the penis is another natural process that is thought to affect many men as they get older. Unlike penis growth though, this process is something that doesn't affect the majority of men. One factor thought to cause penis shrinkage is a slow accumulation up of fatty substances occurring in the small arteries in the penis. Referred to as atherosclerosis, these fatty deposits can prevent blood from flowing to the penis.

Is penile growth achievable?

You may be one of the many men who want to know how to grow your penis. Well the good news is that penis growth can be possible, and there are a number of other ways in which it can be achieved. Penis enlargement can be attained thanks to cell multiplication in the genitals. This process can be achieved through many different methods, including penis extenders and penis growth pills.

How to grow your penis - The methods

Penis growth pills, surgeries, oils, pumps and extenders have become more and more popular and effective. Options like penis growth pills and extenders are quickly becoming the most popular methods of enlargement compared to surgical procedures. Penis extenders harness traction technology to pull the penis. This can encourage multiplication of cells.

Penis growth pills are formulated with natural herbal extracts which are used to support blood flow towards the penis. There are two chambers called the Corpora Cavernosa in the penis which play a huge part in erection strength and size. The more blood that is allowed to flow to the penis will provide a much harder and bigger erection. After a while, an increased blood flow that is provided by penis growth pills can increase the amount of blood that the chambers in the penis are able to hold. This can lead to an expanding and multiplication of penis cells and gradual enlargement.

There are currently many options available for natural penis enlargement and the most vital point this to consider when choosing your enlargement option is to find the right method to suit you. For short term penile growth, penis enlargement pumps could be the choice for you. For long term enlargement without adverse side effects, penis growth pills are quickly becoming the number one choice and some pills are even able to provide inches of growth as well as considerable thickening of the penis.

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