Vigrx+ Results

vigrx plus results

Along with safety, proven results are the most important consideration to have when purchasing male enhancement supplements. Why would you even bother buying a product that only claims to be effective while providing no demonstrable evidence? Unfortunately, this is the reality for the majority of the crowded market of erection pills.

VigRX Plus stands head-and-shoulders above the competition not only because it offers superior ingredients and engineering, but also because it actually provides proof of its efficacy. When it comes to spending your hard-earned money on supplements that affect your health, you have the right to look for such evidence. The reason VigRX+ has become an industry leader is because it has the science to back its claims, something which most other brands lack.

There's no need to take our word for it. The makers of this product are so proud of its effectiveness that they have posted the results from clinical trials online for everyone to see.

The VigRX Plus Study

Many companies will advertise using sensational claims about the benefits of their product without posting any actual results. To ensure that customers are confident when purchasing these pills, a clinical research study was conducted which compared the effects of VigRX+ to a placebo. The results were published in 2012 in the reputable BMC Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine. Essentially, the study sought to find out if the pills were more effective than a placebo in assisting men with erectile issues achieve stronger erections.

results of clinical study

The study was conducted on 78 men whose ages ranged from 25 to 50. Each of these men suffered from some degree of erectile dysfunction. In order to ensure objectivity, the study adhered to the widely-accepted standards to define erectile issues as established by the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF).

The study was conducted according to rigorous scientific standards. In it, each man was randomly assigned either the medication or the placebo. The participants would take one pill twice daily for the full 12-week study. A well-rounded set of results were found by measuring several things. Firstly, the erectile function of the participants was recorded by measuring against the IIEF. As well, the Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment Satisfaction (EDITS) was used to determine the satisfaction levels from the treatment. The testosterone and semen of the men was analyzed, as well as the opinions of both researchers and the participants themselves. Ultimately, this produced a study which recorded both objective physiological changes and the subjective experiences of the participants themselves.

Results from the Study

The results from the 2012 clinical research study were overwhelmingly positive. Erectile function scores, arguably the single most important factor in the trial, increased dramatically among the participants taking the actual medication (16.08 to 25.05). The men taking the placebo, on the other hand, experienced far less success (15.86 to 16.47).

In addition, the other categories of the IIEF (sexual desire, overall satisfaction with intimacy in general, intercourse satisfaction, and orgasmic function) brought similar results. Those taking VigRX Plus reported significantly higher rates of satisfaction than those taking the placebo.

Further, the difference in the EDITS scores between those taking the medication and those taking the placebo was even more pronounced. The men on the medication improved from a score of 20.23 to a score of 80.31, while those on the placebo only increased from 22.53 to 36.78.

Perhaps just as importantly, as the ultimate goal of male enhancement supplements is to improve overall sexual satisfaction, the partners of those taking the medication reported greater satisfaction than the partners of those taking the placebo. The former reported satisfaction scores of over 80 while the latter had scores of only 18.5.

Clearly, this study demonstrates the effectiveness of VigRX Plus compared to a placebo. In terms of erection quality, sexual satisfaction of the participants, and overall sexual satisfaction (including partners), VigRX+ was proven wildly successful.

vigrx plus results after 1 month

The Results from the 2010 Study

Those with a keen eye may notice that some of the statistics from the 2012 study discussed above do not match the statistics reported on the official product website. This is simply because there have been several studies conducted to ensure that the product is effective.

In both the 2010 study (where the website gets its statistics from) and the 2012 study, over 70 participants ranging from 25-50 years in age were studied. Further, each of the men in both studies suffered from some degree of erectile issues. None had a related condition (i.e. heart disease, low testosterone, alcoholism, etc.) that could have affected the results.

Ultimately, what this proves is that the medication has seen repeated success in clinical trials. Great improvements were seen in both the 2010 and 2012 studies in terms of erection quality and overall sexual satisfaction.

What are the results users can expect?

Naturally, every person is different and may react differently to medication. Fortunately, studies have shown that the following effects are consistently experienced by men who use this product:

  • Erection Maintenance

    Many men have experienced stronger, larger erections that they could maintain throughout intercourse.

  • Penetration

    What good is a strong erection if there is no penetration? Men in the studies have shown that taking these erection pills increased their ability to penetrate their partner by over 58%.

  • Orgasm Frequency

    The ultimate goal of male enhancement, of course, is to have greater sexual satisfaction. As orgasms are perhaps the most important measure of sexual satisfaction, it is important to note that those taking the medication in studies had over 20% more orgasms than those taking the placebo.

  • Sex Drive

    One of the added benefits of taking this supplement is that it will boost sexual desire. Users have reported a nearly 50% increase in sex drive after taking the pills.

  • Greater Sexual Satisfaction

    The 2010 study revealed that taking VigRX Plus can increase sexual satisfaction by up to 71.43%. Users can look forward not only to having more intercourse, but being much more satisfied.

  • Overall Satisfaction

    Clinical studies showed that overall satisfaction increases by over 60% when taking this product. Interestingly, those in the placebo group actually saw a 10% decrease in satisfaction during the trial.

The most important statistic of all, however, is the fact that 90% of men who used VigRX Plus reported that they would continue using the supplement after the trial.

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